Stay Sun Kissed Every Year Round with Melanotan 2

Melanotan 2

Don’t be so surprised.  Many people have not heard about Melanotan.  Melanotan is the tanning peptide, which stimulates production of melanin supplement in your body to foster the deep and natural tan.  It is body’s way to protect itself from harmful sun exposure just by increasing its level of melanin.  Melanin is the body’s natural reaction to the UV damage.  End result is the skin darkening. Obviously, drawback from a lot of tanning is an amount of the damage that UV radiation will do.  This will lead to the skin cancer or other serious health issues.

How does this work?

melanotan 2 injections work by stimulating release of a pigment melanin from your skin. The less exposure of UV is essential with the Melanotan 2 than “normal tanning”, and tan that happens with the tanning injections will be longer lasting and deeper than individual’s “normal tan”. Also, Melanotan works best (and has noticeable effects) on the people with the fair skin tones.

How is the MT2 Used?

Peptide will be shipped enclosed in vial. This is in the powder dried form, which should get reconstituted by using the sterile water and injected under your skin (subcutaneously) and where this gets absorbed in your skin and spread.

melanotan ii dosage


Lasting Tan:  Even though dosage will be stopped, warm sun tan will last for many months at time without exposure to sun.  On the other hand, tans that are developed naturally will fade in month’s time.

Flexibility:  Can take small dose with the continued dosing till desired skin pigmentation will be achieved.  When achieved only have to dose one time in each couple of weeks for maintaining the similar pigment.

Decreased exposure to UV rays:  Melanotan requires exposure to the sunlight to be very effective.  But, it can allow user a huge reduction in the time to develop desired tan.

Looking at the Side effects

Melanotan 2 side effects will include appetite loss, nausea, improved libido and facial flushing. The s effects are normally mild & tend to reduce with time. Some research recommends nausea will be decreased by injecting MTII after dinner and before bed.

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