Great Dice Games to Play

Great Dice Games to Play

Dice games can be played when you do not have a board game. Almost everyone has a pair of dice in some place at home, and there are many fun games to play.


Here is a couple.




Nothing is my favorite dice game, as it allows you to be moderately strong or something like that. The stronger you are, the higher the likelihood that you will get a high score; in any case, the chances are even higher that you won’t get anything and you won’t get any tricks for this move. It’s funny to see who has the best karma and who has the highest.


High Rollers


I am sure that most of you knew about the hot shots of television shows that were previously included. The show was about a dice game, in which I am almost sure that the show was invented. This allows you to roll the dice and take out numbers somewhere in the range from 1 to 10, believing that you will have the opportunity to manage all of your numbers, or possibly most of them.


As a rule, it’s nice to strike at it, get rid of the same amount as you, and then offer it to someone also check if they can defeat you.


Poker dice


Another unusual dice game you can join is a poker game. Regularly, you will need to use specific bones (which are very elusive). In any case, you can also use standard bones.


You basically roll the dice and see who can get the best poker hand. Hands are equivalent to regular poker; The main exception is that the straits are higher than full houses, but not higher than 4.

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